February 1-2 , 2017

San Francisco


A data revolution is transforming clinical research and enabling the move towards precision medicine.

Advanced Analytics for Clinical Data 2017 gives you the chance to meet with peers from across the industry who are successfully implementing advanced analytics to accelerate clinical R&D.

This meeting will address the major challenge of retrieving meaningful and actionable insights from massive data sets and new data sources, which are changing the way clinical trials are designed and run today.

Join the conversation as we look beyond the traditional tools and methodologies and share practical views on improving data-driven decision-making for drug development with topics ranging from machine learning and data visualization to electronic health records, omics, and real time monitoring.

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"This is a great event! Something that provides a much needed direction to the Big Data community."

- Sanofi, Past Attendee , Hanson Wade Event

For more information about the Advanced Analytics for Clinical Data meeting, email: info@hansonwade.com





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