February 1-2 , 2017

San Francisco


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estrellas-verdes-la-majada_100pxSee newly added Past Presentations by Amgen, Genentech & Michael J. Fox Foundation below! 


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What’s the one breakthrough you want to see regarding data analytics in clinical research over the next 5 years?

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    Speaker Interview

    An insight on the current use of big data and advanced analytics in the clinical research phase of drug development with Ankit Lodha, Analytics Operations Lead in Clinical Systems & Analytical Reporting at Amgen

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    Partnership Prospectus

    Interested in partnering with Advanced Analytics for Clinical Data 2017?

    Discover the anticipated audience breakdown, and how we can build a partnership that helps you achieve your business goals this year.

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    Presentations from Past Hanson Wade Events

    1. Case Study: Introducing mHealth to Amgen’s Clinical Trials

    Gabriel Vargas, Executive Medical Director – General Medicine, Bone, Neuroscience & Therapeutic Area Head of Early Development, Amgen

    2. Developing a team and infrastructure to facilitate Real World Data (RWD) analytics in order to gain insights to enable decision making and improved patient care

    Ryan Copping, Global Head of Real World Data Science of Analytics, Genentech

    3. Data Collection With Wearable Sensors In Parkinson’s Disease Research

    Lauren Battaille, Associate Director, Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research